Boy meets Girl


Don’t mind my big nose in that last picture! Haha.  I know my nose is on the bigger side but I didn’t know it was that big.  Oh well, the point of the picture was to show my hair today.  I’m starting to get bored with my hair and I want to grow it out so I need to find other things to do with it. 

Also, sorry with the recent bad quality pictures.  I have been using my phone with no editing I’ve been super busy.  Anyway all of this can be found at my mom’s ebay store The pants and jacket are Ralph Lauren Blue Label and the red ruffle blouse is Lauren Ralph Lauren.  The shoes are made in Italy and I found those babies at Marshalls.  The things that you can find at Marshalls are UNBELIEVABLE!!!

Anyway this is a short post again, way too tired tonight.

xoxo Moniczka
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