Cutie Patootie


Just a simple outfit.  The headband I made myself.  You can’t see it in pictures but the chain is two toned (gold and silver).  Today after I took this picture I realized how long my hair actually got.  About two years ago I cut it super short and I’ve never really had my hair longer than this and I want to grow it down to my behind so this is pretty long.  There’s nothing too special about this outfit I literally put it together last second because I was late to work. 

Anyway, today was an extremely stressful day.  Work was out of control and it was one of those days where I wish I didn’t quit smoking so I could have a cigarette.  Which brings me to my next topic.  My friend passed away from cancer back in January and he actually told me that he wants me to quit smoking because he wouldn’t bear to see me lose all my hair like he did and have to go to treatment and chemo.  He didn’t get cancer from smoking he was one of the most active and healthy human beings you could imagine he just got unlucky.  Well needless to say when he passed away I quit cold turkey.  I smoked for about 10 years and just like that I was done.  Even though it took a life to save a life I will never forget what my friend did for me.  Not only how he helped me when he was alive but how he helped me in death.  I will never forget you Dan and I know you’re watching every single Yankees game wherever you are.

xoxo Moniczka
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