Let’s play catch up


So I haven’t written in here since 2010. A LOT, has happened since AND this girl landed a job…THE job.

It was all by luck to be honest. I have struggled to get this job and I almost gave up but I will say one thing DO NOT GIVE UP EVER!!! It took me four years to get to where I am. It was hard and there were a lot of tears I can definitely say that. In the end I can say you WILL get there and NEVER say you won’t because that will only feed into the negative energy. I decided to find a website that gives you the top ten job interview tips and it’s actually what helped me.

So the following came from http://jobsearch.about.com/od/interviews/tp/jobinterviewtips.htm

1. Check out the company.
    This helps to check out the company as a whole and I do this before any interview or meeting.  It
     shows the interviewer you actually took extra time to prepare.
2. Dress for success.
    I feel like this is a given.  If you dress up to go out for a first date DRESS UP FOR THE
3. Improve your interview technique.
    I know, easier said than done.  Some people can’t improvise when people ask a question that they
    weren’t prepared for.  Never use slang, and know what is on your resume. 
4. Prepare for a phone interview.
    I’ve actually had numerous phone interviews, they’re a lot easier because you’re not face to face
    BUT, make sure you’re in an isolated area so the person calling can’t hear your dog barking or
    your kids crying, or whatever other noise is in the background. 
5. Practice your interviewing.
    I’ve never done this although I should have, maybe I would’ve gotten a job sooner.  Don’t ever
    be embarrassed if you ask a family member or friend to practice because well, practice makes
6. Use your contacts.
    If you know people, and I mean truly know them, use their names.  This may not only help you
    but if they are highly respected and you do a good job you make them look good as well. 
7. Most common interview mistakes to avoid.
   This should be a no brainer but I feel as though if you are trying to impress someone you should
    use your etiquette.  
8. Take time to say thank you.
    A simple thank you note will be fine.
9. Handle a group interview.
    I actually had one of these with the job I currently  have and I never had one before.  There were 
    a lot of people and each had their own questions to ask but I actually felt more comfortable 
    because they can see how you do under pressure.
10. Interview while dining.
     Some companies will interview you while dining, make sure you use your table manners!

My favorite part of course is dressing for success.  Make sure you always wear a suit is what I was told.  Employers would much rather see you over dressed than under dressed.  Make sure if you wear a skirt that it at least reaches your knee and don’t allow it to be super tight/sexy.  That just looks tacky.  Or you can always turn to the classic pant suit which I prefer because the skirts can come after I’m hired.  Have fun with the interview but not too much fun.  Act professional!

My number one tip with job hunting NEVER GIVE UP!!!