Music Influencing Style

How does music influence style?  Hm, well let’s
just look at the obvious ones.  When you think of punk rock what do you
see?  Studs, spikes, black, boots, etc.  What about country? 
Cowboy/girl hats, boots, shorts, denim, flannel, plaid, etc.  What do
you think of when you hear indie?  A very bohemian feel and relaxed.  
influences style whether we notice it or not.  Look at today’s
fashion.  All of the studded shoes and even small accents of
studs/spikes on blouses.  Or even look at ballet flats and buns, where
do you think those originated from?  Granted ballet is not a music genre it is a form of dance, but think of the music that goes along with ballet, very sophisticated and classy.  How about all of the different
styles of cowgirl boots? Trends have to start somewhere and sometimes
looking at music which is a big influence on a lot of people is a great
way to get ideas.  You can take a studded belt for example and somehow
take that and make it into something girly, even with the studs.  
know that when I get dressed sometimes whatever I’m listening to at the
moment may influence it.  If I’m listening to country I’ll put on my
cowgirl/cow roper boots.  Or if I listen to my hardcore metal music I
might put on my studded purple snakeskin heels.  Since I’m obsessed with
sock buns that’s when I feel classy and sophisticated.  When I wear my
hair in braids or lose I feel relaxed and might wear a long maxi dress
or skirt.  Everything in life can influence fashion.  Even books or
poems.  There might be a certain feeling someone gets from something and
that alters their mood/style for the day.
love that fashion is so versatile.  Nowadays it’s even more fun because
it’s trendy to mix and match certain styles.  I can wear very nice
dress pants and accent it with some metal accessories and it’s already a
different style.  Or how about take a flannel with nice pants and belt
it, that’s a completely different look as well.
Oh and last but not least, let’s not forget to thank our good friend MC Hammer for his parachute pants!

xoxo Moniczka