Putting your hair up is finally acceptable and creative!


FINALLY a day where tying your hair back is 100% acceptable!!! The newest trends with hair are absolutely stunning and fun. The fish tail/fish bone braid (I’ve heard people refer to it by both names) was the second braid I learned how to do. I was 7 years old visiting my grandma in Poland and she braided one of my dolls hair like that. I was absolutely amazed! Then of course I begged her to teach me how to do it since I already knew how to make a regular braid. That’s why I am so happy this trend is in because it reminds me of when I was little.

The first hair trend I want to talk about is of course the braid. Fish tail braids are everywhere and I love how some are very tight where you could see the actually tail/bone like similarity or the ones that are messy and lose. I have very thin hair and when I don’t have my extensions in it is pretty short. I go for the kind of tight kind of lose look mainly because my hair is short so if I make it too tight the braid literally sticks straight out and if I make it too lose it just separates back into my regular hair. So I do a little bit of both. I can’t quite make the fish tail braid on the side yet because my hair is just 2 inches too short but I can make a regular braid or side pony tail. Even though the classical braid in the back is pretty I like this whole side braid/bun/ponytail, it just looks so elegant and fun depending on how you make it.
The second hair trend I want to jump into is the ponytail. It has evolved since the regular just pulling your hair back, although I have seen that just a regular ponytail is acceptable. My personal favorite is the twisted side ponytail. It is so easy to do, just need some hairspray if you have annoying hair like me, it is very
silky/soft and thin so it falls out of things easily. You just go from one side to the other and then put your hair in a side ponytail. I like to add things to my ponytail (the one in the picture to the left is made by yours truly) so it’s not so boring but other people just like the ponytail. Plus it is so easy to just put your hair back than styling it every morning for work/school.
The third and final hair trend I want to get into is the bun. Whether a perfect bun/sock bun or a messy bun, they all look good. I like the perfect bun for work or for something serious but the messy bun is when I want to be fun and be relaxed. Whoever came up with the sock bun was a genius because my thing hair looks so much better. I can actually have a normal size bun! Even though a perfect bun takes a little more time to do and maintain I like that every piece of hair is out of my face. Sometimes the side swept bang just doesn’t do it for me during the day. Plus the more the day goes on the messier my hair gets so the more maintained it is sometimes the better.