Sunday Funday


Today was a fun day catching up with friends that I’ve known for over ten years, wow that makes me feel old.  The one girl I’ve actually known for about 20 years!  Wow time flies.  Anyway enough of going down a very long memory lane and onto my outfit.  I pretty much wore this outfit because I wanted to be comfortable but chic at the same time.  The pants are Ralph Lauren Blue label which I love and I bought off

If you look closely at the shoes with the picture of me from behind there is a small black leather braid detail.  I absolutely LOVE those shoes because they are comfortable, high, and have small detail that makes  them fun, sexy, and adorable.

Onto the accessories.  The earrings I made myself, I used to make hair accessories and moved onto jewelry to see if i could make some fun accessories and I would say I succeeded.  The ring is from Forever 21, it turns my finger green but it is so adorable I can’t help but wear it.

Anyway I need sleep because I have work in the  morning.
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Have a great rest of the day/start to your week!!

xoxo Moniczka