Sunday Funday and the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy


First part of this post will be my outfit for the day.  My parents came back from Boston early so my mom and I took a trip down the shore.  I wanted to see what the aftermath was, plus one of my friends works down the shore as a piercing guy 🙂 His name is Bruno, he’s from Brasil and is just an all around awesome guy.  He has been there for me through a lot and I truly cherish my friendship with him.  Anyway here was my outfit for the day.  The boots are from Texas, and handmade I absolutely love them.  The dress is from the Gap and I did my hair so I have a slightly new hair color, only a little lighter.  Oh and almost forgot, I borrowed Mommy’s Burberry sunglasses today, so fabulous!!

Now I wanted to show everyone pictures from the Jersey shore today.  The shore is very special to me because well I may be Polish but I’m a born and raised Jersey girl.  We are a tough breed but no we don’t pump our fists, we don’t go tanning ALL the time, and no we don’t have to pump our own gas in Jersey even though I know how from living in Texas.  We are not like the Jersey Housewives or the Jersey Shore cast, however if you cross us or hurt our loved ones we will turn into Ronnie from Jersey shore or Theresa from Jersey Housewives.  Well maybe not exactly like that but you get my point.  Restore the shore, and Jersey Strong!

A lot of people were impacted by Hurricane Sandy but my home of NJ was completely damaged.  The home I grew up in for most of my life had lost 4 of our largest pine trees (we live in the woods), one of wish fell on my brand new car, and we didn’t have heat or electricity for 2 weeks.  Our neighborhood was completely blocked off and after a few days when we were finally able to maneuver our way out by being extremely careful of all the fallen trees and power lines there was no gas for our cars and when there was there was a line a few hours long.  I actually ran out of gas as soon as I got to the gas pump to find out after 3 hours of waiting that there was no more gas left.  This caused us to go into PA with the other car to get gas and bring it home.  Even though I had to do all of this I am thankful because my home was not washed away with the tides of the shore or completely under water.  Here are a few pictures from my trip down the shore today…

God bless the Jersey shore.  Stay strong NJ we are almost there.

xoxo Moniczka

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