The Monday Reds?


I don’t really have the Monday blues because
traffic wasn’t as bad as it normally is for a Monday and since it was
raining I decided to wear my bright red cropped pants to work. 
Surprisingly I don’t own a lot of red.  I’m not exactly sure as to why
because I love pink and have bright colors in my wardrobe , but never
owned a lot of red.  Whenever I think of red I think of the song lady in
red and I always wanted a “little red dress” because it definitely is
sexy.  However, I need to tone up a little bit before I start wearing
sexy little numbers.
The pants are from Ralph Lauren.
shoes are Sam Edelman, a “Jersey Girl” can never have too much leopard
print haha.  I actually do own a lot of leopard print so I guess that’s
one stereotype I fit into for NJ.
The blazer is from I believe Macy’s but it was actually handed down to me from my mom. 
accessories are actually from Forever 21 and the earrings are from Francesca’s Collections.  Even though I have some
designer pieces my guilty pleasure is Forever 21.  I absolutely love
their accessories and clothing.  If I was small enough to fit in their
clothing that would be amazing but I have to sometimes squeeze into
their larges and sometimes I look like a sausage.  I love that store too
because there is SO MUCH to look at.  It’s like going into a treasure
chest and looking for the buried treasure.  I know some people like to
shop for that one thing they are looking for but as for myself when I go
shopping most of the time I make sure I don’t have plans so I can make
it into an adventure and search for cute things.  Although there are
times that I’m in and out of a store because I just need one thing.
hope everyone had a good Monday!  I also wanted to say thanks to the
fellow chictopians who are constantly voting and commenting on my
pictures, it means so much when I see that.  So thank you everyone!!!
xoxo Moniczka
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