Vintage…I guess?


I wore a pretty simple outfit today.  It was cold
so I had to wear warmer clothes.  I don’t understand how it’s spring
time but it’s still so cold!  I’m hoping May heats up.  The black
cropped pin stripe jacket is actually vintage.  It’s older than me.  My
grandmother made it for my mother before I was born.  To think it’s
still in style in the modern world boggles my mind.  The shoes are
actually UGG, they are super comfortable.  They remind me of either Mary
Poppins or Pippi Longstocking, but with a wedge and open toe.  That red
jacket has actually been sitting in the closet for a few months waiting
to be worn once it was warm out, it’s Calvin Klein.  Now that I work in
an office full time I have to wear classic pieces that are still
somewhat trendy, but nothing too outrageous.  Also sorry for the poor
quality my camera is out of commission and had to use my phone camera
which actually isn’t too bad. 
was a very busy day at work today and boy am I tired, especially since I
did yoga afterwards.  My company offers Yoga and it definitely helps
when it’s a stressful day and for some reason every day that is
extremely stressful is the day I have yoga class, so it all works out in
the end.  I highly recommend yoga to anyone, not just females, because
it helps clear your head and that one hour is all you need to truly step
away from the world and have time to yourself.  Sure it’s nice to just
lay down and relax but you are still constantly wondering if something
was finished or if you remembered something, whereas in yoga you
literally escape from all of that.  Especially if you have a good
instructor with a calming voice, believe it or not their voice can make
or break your opinion.
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