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Three outfits for today!  Ok, so the first one is my country girl
outfit.  I miss Texas a lot so every once and a while this girl right
here will dress up in her country uniform.  My Stetson Hat, and cow
roper boots.  By the way meet Kuba (the white floor mop) and Lilly (my
rescue from Texas), they are my babies.
outfit I wore for a short BBQ, it’s Memorial Day weekend here in the US
and even though it’s a day to remember those who have or do fight for
our freedom.  I want to thank every one of you for serving and keeping
us safe.  I’m wearing a Free People dress, Ralph Lauren rain boots (in
case I want to go puddle jumping), and of course you always need your
umbrella for these rainy days.
Third outfit
I wore to go shopping with my mom.  I got some super amazing deals and I
think most people like a bargain.  I’m wearing pretty basic pieces. 
Believe it or not those jeans are Levi’s!  They are the only brand that
fits me.

short post I’m really tired and need to get ready for some more
festivities tomorrow.  Oh and remember to thank our military and
veterans this Memorial Day.
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