Sorry for the not so fun outfits lately, today was another lazy day. 
The aftermath of PT has made me really tired and really sore, plus
since I have this tape on my knee I’m limited to what I can wear so I
don’t look weird.  Of course the tape is on my knee and it goes past the
knee so it looks funny when I wear a shorter skirt.  Also, I woke up in
pain, and soreness in my knee, it actually hasn’t hurt like this in a
while.  The story behind my knee is long but pretty much what happened
was I was at one job, it popped, then I went to the second one and both
jobs were on my feet so I walked in the back put up my leg because it
hurt and saw that it was almost triple the size and bruised.  The doctor
told me what probably happened was the meniscus tore and inflamed and
the rest of the cartilage inflamed too.  At the time there was such a
problem with my health insurance that I couldn’t get an MRI or Physical

So here I am today, two years later, still limping and in pain.  Now
that I finally have a good job and great benefits I can actually get

Needless to say my fashion will be suffering as well.  I won’t be
able to wear heels because earlier at work today I’ve never had to
change into flats that soon because of the pain.  So I apologize that
for the next few weeks my outfits probably won’t be that great.  Oh and
that last picture is my new lovely nail design that is Memorial Day

Blouse:  The Gap

Tank Top:  Ralph Lauren

Skirt:  The Gap

Sandals:  Isola-Marshalls

Earrings:  Betsey Johnson

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