Lazy Day and Physical Therapy


Let me explain that last picture first haha.I started PT today for my knee and back.  Hopefully it helps
because being uncomfortable and in pain all the time gets exhausting. 
Plus I can’t wear certain shoes for too long otherwise my knee gives out
or my back just starts hurting really bad.  That’s why I’ve been going
for wedges lately, more support.  That last picture is my lovely new
fashion trend haha, not really.  It’s just tape that they put on in
between sessions to support my knee.  I wish they made them in pink!
Today was a lazy day for me, my go to pieces are a tank top,
blazer/jacket, and a skirt/pants.  It’s the easiest way to get dressed,
especially since one of my closets decided to break.  I have a few but
of course my work clothes closet was the one to go.  So sad to come home
to all my clothes on the floor, but since I left it there from being so
tired I had some trouble finding clothes today in a huge pile of
clothing topped off with poles and racks.

Also the picture that gnome was actually placed there.  My mom is the
one who takes pictures (yes I still live at home) and she’s obsessed
with her garden gnomes, I actually have to find outdoor paint to liven
them up a bit.  Living at home isn’t too bad, I’m saving up to buy a
house on my own so instead of wasting money on rent and slowly saving,
I’ve been living at home, plus I’ve tried the whole living on my own
thing when I left NJ and moved to Texas.  It’s ok but I don’t like
coming home to the quiet and my mom and I have coffee on the porch when I
come home with our dogs while my brother and dad are busy with their
own stuff, it’s our mini paradise.

Ok, enough rambling.  The outfit is already a repeat of other pieces
I’ve already worn, but like I said I was lazy, my clothes were
everywhere, oh and I had to find some extra clothes for Physical

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