Minnie Mouse it Up!

When I woke up this morning on this lovely Tuesday that felt like a Monday
I did my normal routine; go to the bathroom and brush my teeth.  On my
way to the bathroom I tripped over my Minnie Mouse bag that I got from
one of my coworkers when she went to Disney.  When I looked at it I had
an idea for an outfit.
It was relatively cold this morning and I was having the Monday blues but on a Tuesday,
so I wanted something somewhat warm and comfortable.  Once I tripped
over that bag I saw the colors; red, white, and black.  Since I wore
red, white, and blue yesterday I figured why not.  It was also a hair up
kind of day because I have yoga after work today.

I decided on my outfit.  Ralph Lauren cardigan and ruffle blouse, which can both be found at www.stores.ebay.com/EWA-BAZAAR
along with my Kate Hill black skinny fit pants.  Then I added in some
accessories.  Red Sam Edelman shoes with a vintage belt & Dooney and
Bourke bag that I found in my mom’s closet.  The belt has made an
appearance before but I just love it so much, plus it has that worn in
leather feel and look.  I love when leather looks worn in, it gives it
I hope everyone’s back to work Tuesday was good, hey only three more work days right?
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xoxo Moniczka