Miracle Grow and more presents!


as you all know I got a present yesterday from one of my coworkers. 
Well, three more of my coworkers brought in some presents for me today. 
I got a jade bracelet from my supervisor, a jade Buddha, the female
Buddha and rabbit since I’m the year of the rabbit, and a candle.  As
you can tell I work for an Asian company.  Surprisingly they are
predominantly Christian but some are Buddhists so since I know nothing
about Buddhism I wanted to know a little about that religion.  I find
different cultures and everything that goes into it interesting.  

my hair grew over night if you can’t tell I have extensions in my
hair.  I wanted to wear them now that my hair is the same color,
The high low dress I’m
wearing is from Nordstrom, very light and flowy but I have to be careful
of the wind because it blows upward like Marilyn Monroe in The Seven
Year Itch.  Top is Kensie, I have had it for years!  Belt is Burberry
Prorsum.  Jewelry is Jewel Mint and shoes are the same as yesterday’s,
Burberry.  I’m absolutely addicted to Burberry, it’s starting to become a
Xoxo Moniczka
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