Monday Blue’s


I made it to the style gallery on Chictopia yet
again!  This made me so happy this morning.  If any of my readers are
fellow Chictopians that voted for me, THANK YOU!!!
For once I’m wearing blue for some Monday Blues!  It was another rainy day unfortunately so bright colors will make it so much better, plus it’s a Monday and most people if not all don’t like Monday’s.
I might not be able to wear heels for a few months.  I am so sad about
this because I went to see a physical therapist today for my knee and
back so they said I will need to tone it down on the shoes.  Well what
they don’t know won’t hurt them!  Plus, I’ve been wearing heels the
whole time I’ve had to go to PT so I think I’ll be find, and I don’t
walk around all day long working at an office.
As for my outfit:
Blazer:  Tahari
Dress:  Calvin Klein
Wedges:  Anna Luz
Cuff:  Jewel Mint
Purse:  Juicy Couture-found at
instagram Monisia87
trendabl moniczka_moda

xoxo Moniczka