Ni shi wo de hao peng you.-You are my good friend


Since starting my new job (It’s a Taiwanese company) I’ve been learning Mandarin.  Only little bits and pieces here and there but at least I know some key phrases and the little things like Thank you, Good Morning, Boss, that kind of thing.  Well the title for my blog today is based on something my mentor/coworker said to me.  She got me a beautiful necklace from Jewel Mint and I’m absolutely in shock.  No one has never gotten me a present just because or in this case because I’ve been stressing out at work with deadlines and what not.  Well with this lovely necklace she included a letter which said Ni shi wo de hao peng you and she said something for you to learn and translate.  When I did I thought it was just awesome.  Then when I read the card it was the nicest thing anyone has written to me.  Her kind words really brought a warmth to my heart.  Some people out there still are truly genuine.  I’m not going to type everything she said because it is something that I think I will save just for myself but even though she doesn’t read this blog I am saying thank you! 🙂

Now onto my outfit, the first two pictures will be of my lovely surprise at work today 🙂

So the flats are my favorite they are Burberry 🙂
The skirt is Kenneth Cole and a hand-me-down from my mom.  The first necklace (of me in my cubicle) is the one I got as a surprise and the other necklaces are from H&M and handmade from Poland.

xoxo Moniczka
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