Puddle Jumping


Well I feel like it’s rained for a million days.  Yesterday was the
first sunny day in a long time, which only lasted for about an hour.  I
checked the weather it’s supposed to get better, or at least we can
hope.  My outfit today was very rainy day worthy.  I had my lovely
Burberry umbrella that can be found at www.stores.ebay.com/EWA-BAZAAR
I think the green ones are sold out, my Ralph Lauren rain boots, and my
red Calvin Klein rain jacket.  It’s not really meant for the rain but
its a little more water repellant than most of my jackets.  I felt like I
was prepared to go puddle jumping!
There is also another theme
going on with my outfit today.  Last night after a long day at work and
yoga class I finally made it home and checked my mail to find that my
Betsey Johnson earrings had arrived!!!!  They are two completely
different earrings, but as some of you know Betsey is known for having
crazy awesome things but in the recent years she’s had many earrings
that come as a set but are two different earrings.  The one earring of
my set is a farm girl with her hair in braids and the other earring is a
long chain attached to a shovel with a watering can.  I got this
because I just started getting into gardening.  It’s very relaxing and
it’s nice to see something grow and bloom into something beautiful. 
Well since I was in the gardening theme I chose this skirt that has a
print of a farm with horses and stables.  It doesn’t look like it from
far away, but look up close and you can see it.
I hope everyone is having a good week so far!
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