Rain Rain Go Away

So I’ve decided to start a project.  Since I just
started up another blog on a different site I want to compare all the
different sites that I use.  I’m also trying to start up another blog
that has nothing to do with fashion but it is a part of me that I find
has shaped me as a person, if anyone wants to check it out the link is www.livingwithjme.blogspot.com this is something that is very important to me so if anyone has any suggestions please feel free to contact me and let me know.
Second of all I’ve decided to open up a wordpress blog which the link is 
I’ve decided I want to try out new sites and see which one I enjoy
using more.  I think I’m still going to post in all of them because lots
of people use different blogs or some prefer one over the other and I
would like to still blog to the same people.  So far I’m finding (and
this may be because I’ve been using blogspot for so many years)that even
though wordpress has A LOT of options and lots of ways to customize
everything on your blog and it’s easier to customize it’s so difficult
to navigate through.  Maybe I just have to get used to it but sometimes
when there’s so many options people (like myself) get overwhelmed.  This
is just the beginning of my lovely research so I will keep everyone
Onto my outfit

is by Tahari I found it in my lovely mother’s closet.  Sometimes when I
am looking for work clothes or something a little more mature I’ll walk
into her closet and browse.  I swear I find something new every single
time and I don’t think she really shops THAT much now that she has her
own business she mostly shops for that.  Which by the way the link is www.stores.ebay.com/EWA-BAZAAR check it out please!  I promise you’ll find something cute or something to splurge on like the Burberry Prorsum items!
shoes are Born, bought at Marshalls.  My mom has the same pair, they
are super comfortable and actually good for your feet, plus a little
cuter than my Birkenstocks.  I’m not going to lie I have two pairs of
Betula’s which are by Birkenstock, kind of how BOC is by Born.  They are
so comfortable and from my research good for your foot structure.  I
used to work at a shoe store so I have many shoes haha.  They are either
from Marshalls, or the store I worked at many many years ago.  While
working in that shoe store I really learned how important your footwear
is, and how it can affect the rest of your body.  I’m not saying you
have to wear sneakers all the time because that’s not healthy either but
really start thinking more about your feet, take care of them.  From
working in retail I lost my arch and my heel has been “worn out” to the
point where when I wear flats it feels like I’m walking on pure bone.  I
worked in retail from high school all the way up until almost 2 years
ago and I’m almost 26 so about 10 years can do take a toll.  I’ll blog
more about this and I’ll actually do some research to see how much info I
can find.
The scarf is Burberry and can be found at www.stores.ebay.com/EWA-BAZAAR that’s my mom’s lovely store J 
Like I mentioned before you will be able to find something there.  Plus
mother’s day and father’s day and pretty big with gift giving.  Or if
you’re international (not sure if just Poland does this) there’s always
kids day in June!
The glasses are Valentino and yes my eye sight is not 20/20, it’s not just for fashion.
xoxo Moniczka
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Check out my other blog, www.livingwithjme.blogspot.com
Shop at my mom’s store please J www.stores.ebay.com/EWA-BAZAAR
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