Safari with a hint of Jeffrey Campbell.


I wanted to take the time to talk about something that bothers me.  I
work for an Asian company so of course I work with lots of Asians and
in my opinion I find that the women are absolutely beautiful they have
this soft elegance about them that just catches your attention.  My
mentor and also my newly found friend talks to me about how growing up
she was made fun of for being Asian, people would call her names and
make fun of her appearance.  I’m Caucasian but was made fun of for being
Polish, so even though I can blend in because of my appearance I was
also the “dumb polish girl.”  Kids can be cruel and now you hear about
all of these young children killing themselves because of bullies.
brings me to the next part of this whole rant.  My friend told me that
she follows a makeup blog for Asian girls because they have different
eyes so they have to do their makeup a certain way, and they are limited
to some things.  On this makeup blog the blogger uploaded a video that
she found on youtube.  Now she never responded to the video and it was
banned from youtube because of the content but pretty much it was a
Caucasian (which I am so ashamed of!) making fun of Asian girls and how
they look different and how they are not beautiful.  When she told me
this I was outraged!  First of all everyone is different and everyone
has their own opinions but to say that a whole entire race of women are
“ugly” because they look different is just horrible.  I cannot believe
how cruel people can be.  I think Asian women are beautiful and elegant
and their fashion sense is incredible and whoever that girl was I
actually feel bad for because she obviously can’t see beauty in
everything.  We are all beautiful no matter what color, shape, size, or
how different we look from one another, in my opinion that girl is not
beautiful for how she acted.  Looks are not everything, it’s what’s
inside too and the prettiest girl can also be the most hideous if she
doesn’t have a heart.
Now onto my normal posting, thanks for hearing me out.
I felt like I was ready to go explore and find some elephants and
giraffes while looking fabulous.  My one post on here had a very poor
picture of my Jeffrey Campbell’s and man do I love these babies.  I call
them my elf shoes, they kind of look like it but I think they’re
adorable.  I’m already super tall but its ok I’m used to towering over
The long cardigan is Ralph Lauren which can be found at my mom’s ebay store
she has an assortment of colors, along with the khaki tank top.  She
has this really nice emerald green one that I am in love with but I
already have so many.  They are such great basic pieces.  The skirt is
from Francesca’s Collections.  They had it in a lighter color but for
some reason I was drawn to this one, it was so different and
Safari’ish.  The shoes are of course Mr. Campbell and I love them! And
can be found at
instagram Monisia87
trendabl moniczka_moda