Why Hello there Sailor!


First and foremost I wanted to take the time to say
I absolutely can’t thank my mom enough for putting up with me every day
to take pictures.  I wouldn’t be able to run any blogs without her
help.  She is also the only person I feel comfortable with when it comes
to being in front of a camera. 
Secondly I wanted to say that my mom is having some discounts at her store so please check it out at stores.ebay.com/EWA-BAZAAR
most of my clothes are bought from her.  She sells lots of Burberry and
Ralph Lauren, those are her two favorite designers to buy. 
Now onto my outfit:
Cardigan:  Ralph Lauren
Blouse:  Ralph Lauren
Pants:  Ellen Tracy
Shoes:  Isola
Clutch:  Ralph Lauren
All of the Ralph Lauren items seen today are actually from stores.ebay.com/EWA-BAZAAR
love the cardigan and also have it in other colors just because it is
so comfortable and so easy to wear.  The blouse I’ve worn a few times. 
It’s so easy to dress it up or dress it down.  You can easily make it
casual or more professional looking.  It’s a piece I think every woman
should have in her closet.  The pants are from Marshall’s.  I absolutely
love them.  I love the wide leg cut and the best part is I found long
pants!  I’m 5’9 so I’m tall, and the worst part is most of that 5’9 are
all leg.  Sadly on top of this problem I am also somewhat bottom heavy
(not calling myself fat whatsoever), so this makes finding ANY pants
very frustrating and a lost cause.  Finding these pants made my night
the night that I went shopping.  They are comfortable and very sleek. 
The shoes are Isola, also found at Marshall’s, made in Italy so of
course I’m going to buy them, and they are leather.  The clutch is
probably my favorite part of the whole outfit.  This is for sure
available at my mom’s ebay store.  It’s big so you can fit a lot but it
is also pretty thin so it’s easy to hold.  I’m in love with clutches
this season.  I’ve seen so many adorable styles and colors and shapes
and sizes, I like the bigger ones because they have more room and are
such a statement piece.
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xoxo Moniczka