You’re a peach!


Since allergies are starting to get the best of me I
decided I’m going to brighten up my day with some lovely pastels and
spring colors.  I like wearing light colors because it’s spring time,
it’s a Monday, and it just makes the day better. 
cardigan is Ralph Lauren Blue label which can be found at my mom’s ebay
store.  I’m not sure what other colors she has but it’s definitely my
go to when I need a cardigan to cover up my shoulders at work or if it’s
slightly colder.  The tank top is also Ralph Lauren and I believe my
mom just got some new colors in her store, she has a really nice emerald
green one that I’m absolutely in love with, might have to buy it off
her.  The skirt believe it or not is about 15-20 years old I believe. 
My mom used to wear it when I was younger and she likes to keep things
for a little while just in case it goes back into style and well I guess
it kind of did since I have found use out of it.  It’s a pencil skirt
that has my favorite flowers on it and it’s perfect for spring.  The
shoes are Isola, made in Italy, and greatest part is I bought them at
Marshall’s for pretty cheap!  I love Marshall’s I can find so many
things in there.  The necklace is made by my mom out of Amber and
Sterling Silver.  The bracelet is Amber as well but that is store bought
in Poland.  All the amber seen here is from Poland from the Baltic
Sea.  My parents are from the shores of Poland so whenever I go visit my
family I’m always at the beach or on the boardwalks.  Don’t get me
wrong I go shopping like crazy but something about just laying on those
beaches is different from here in America, I feel more at home there.
this was  my outfit to work today, comfortable, professional, with a
little extra “umpf.”  It was a little gloomy outside and it was a Monday
so might as well spice it up with some color.  I can’t wait until it
starts getting warmer out so I can wear more of my favorite skirts and
xoxo Moniczka
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