Burberry under the Sun.


Well today’s outfit is EXTREMELY simple and effortless.  I was outside for a little bit.  Unfortunately I can’t stay under the sun as much as I used to so I hid in the shade for most of the day  haha.  The hat is Ralph Lauren, I love it because it’s big and perfectly matches my Burberry bathing suit.  So I also have on my Burberry cover up skirt and Burberry wedges.  If you couldn’t tell I love Burberry and Ralph Lauren.  They are my two favorites because they make simple and classic pieces.  Don’t get me wrong I love all of the trendy and crazy styles out there today, and the way some of these things are styled are amazing.  There are truly some creative fashionistas out there in today’s world. 

I hope everyone had a great Sunday Funday, now the dreadful Monday is approaching!


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xoxo Moniczka