Cheers to the weekend!


Well it’s the weekend, Father’s Day weekend to be exact.  So my parents and I decided to start celebrating and just to celebrate all weekend.  What’s the harm in that right?  Well during the day the first outfit was used to pick up the last part of the present for my dad, one of the batteries that will start my dad’s supercharged Pontiac Bonneville so he can finally drive his favorite car again 🙂

The first outfit is all Ralph Lauren except the shoes, those are Ugg.  You can find everything except the shorts at

The second outfit is all Burberry which can be found also at couldn’t decide between the two jackets so I took pictures with both 🙂 who can guess which one I chose to wear to dinner?

Short post today I have a lot to still do!  Thanks for reading!

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xoxo Moniczka