Even though I’m on a mini vacation we decided to go to Ikea.  I’ve
been doing a lot of retail therapy lately for clothes, so I decided I’ll
look for some things at Ikea to spice up my living area.  Since I love
pink I actually bought some pink rugs, some cups with pink on them, and
pink covers/pillow cases.  I’m a little upset, wouldn’t you say?  I
bought some more stuff, and I even bought a blanket for my dog.  She
loves car rides so I need to make sure she doesn’t scratch up the seats.

tomorrow I return back home.  I can’t wait so I can start to decorate
with my new buys at Ikea 🙂  The last pictures I added in just because
it was so pretty, the picture doesn’t do the view justice!


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xoxo Moniczka