Monday Blues


Today was a rainy day and a Monday. 
No pictures of my outfit today, it was raining way too bad, and by the
time I came home after work it was already dark.  So therefore I will
leave you with a picture of my favorite (and only) pair of Ralph Lauren
Rain boots and a little something from Rihanna.  Even though I was never
a big fan of her before, I have grown to like her and her music is
really catchy.  I heard her song Diamonds come on the radio today and
even though I’ve heard the song a million times, today was the day that I
found inspiration in the lyrics:
“We’re beautiful like diamonds in the sky,
Shine bright like a diamond.”
you think about it, those are very inspirational.  I was called a
bottle of sunshine at work last week during a meeting because people say
I’m the go-to girl when it comes to cheering up or just smiling at
least once in a day.  So I guess my sunshine self wanted to share those
lyrics with you.  We are all beautiful and don’t ever lower your self
worth for ANYONE!  Most importantly, shine bright like a diamond.
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xoxo Moniczka