My little bugger makes another appearance


So my little doggy makes yet another appearance.  I really need to start bringing my other dog into pictures because she’s so goofy looking.  She’s half pug half beagle aka puggle.  So she’s pretty goofy, however also super stubborn which I have been told by SOOOOOOO many vets and groomers that puggles are stubborn.  Anyway on to my outfit 🙂

So the dress is actually handmade, I got an A+ on it for my final.  We had to make a few different outfits for my apparel construction class and this was actually the favorite dress that everyone picked out.  I was a business major and fashion minor in college so I had to take the basic courses and I will say basics are very beneficial.

There is actually a mistake in the dress but it’s ok because I can belt it.  Shoes are Jeffrey Campbell that can be found at enjoy!

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