School Girl’ish


I felt like a school girl today.  I had a kind of
pleated skirt with a very proper looking top and flats.  Although I will
say, I loved my outfit.  Even though it’s not spring/summer colors I
still liked it.  Plus it was comfortable, and today was just one of
those days.  The outfit is very simple.  The top is Kenar bought at
Marshalls, skirt is INC bought at Macy’s, shoes are Burberry found at
I suggest everyone go check out that store.  The bag is Vince Camuto,
earrings are vintage Amber and Sterling silver from Poland aka Baltic
Sea, which is where my family is from.  The shawl is from H&M it
gets cold in the office so I use it as a blanket. 
Anyways, short post today, I’m not feeling very well.
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xoxo Moniczka