too crazy.  I’ve been finding more items of clothing since I started to
clean up my closet that ended up on the floor a few weeks ago.  I
picked up all of my every day work clothes so they wouldn’t get wrinkled
and in the process I started finding more and more goodies.  Well I
came across this lovely Burberry dress.  Very casual and comfortable so I
decided to add a little extra umph by putting on my super duper high
ankle peep toe booties.  The dress can be found at I’m not sure what colors are available in this dress but it’s super comfortable and very easy to wear.

Anyway, short post today I’ve been so exhausted lately so I need some sleep!

P.S.  I almost forgot to share a little bit of humor.  I’ve decided
to name my cyst on my wrist Princess Sophia since it’s making me feel
like a princess not lifting a finger.  I thought it was kind of funny, I
try to find humor in everything.

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