Sunday Funday X 2


Two outfits for today!  One I wore this morning to go shopping with
my mom, the Prada shoes I bought yesterday I couldn’t keep because they
were mismates and they couldn’t find the matching size 🙁 It was a very
sad day for me because it would’ve been my first pair of Prada shoes. 
The second outfit was worn for a mini movie night.  It’s Sunday so I
don’t want to do anything too crazy since it’s back to work tomorrow. 
Also I have to wake up even earlier to bring my car to the dealership
because something’s wrong with it.

the first outfit in the field, the dress was given to me from my mom a
few years ago and the sunglasses are Ray Ban’s.  The second outfit by
the rock wall (that is FINALLY being done on the house) is Ralph Lauren
top that can be found at my mom’s store and the shoes are from
Marshalls.  Hope you enjoy!  Also I hope everyone’s weekend went well!

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xoxo Moniczka