Doctor’s visits and work.


Well today I went to the hand doctor.  I officially have a ganglion cyst.  The doctor did some tests and said it’s not bad enough for surgery but I can do one of two things.  Either I can live with it and get it checked every so often to make sure it hasn’t gotten bigger or that it isn’t a bad tumor, or I can have it drained but if I do that there is a 50% chance of it coming back.  Well I’m still deciding but I think I might just deal with it.  He said I can get a splint to decrease the movement in my wrist.  So the good news is no surgery, bad news is I need to decide what I want to do.  I’ll probably stick to just dealing with it.

Anyway, I wore something very simple to work today.  The jacket I got thrifting in Boston.  The top is Ralph Lauren and skirt is INC.  Flats are Burberry and I think there are still some at

Oh and let’s not forget, I’d like to introduce everyone to Bob.  I also like to call him Bobert, he’s from McDonald’s to keep the other minion company.  I know, I’m a child but they are just too cute!

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