Happy 8th Birthday handsome little man!


Well today is my little dog’s birthday.  No not Lilly’s, the other dog; Kuba.  He’s made an appearance quite a bit here on my blog mostly in past and recently as well.  He turned a big whopping 8 years old today!!! He’s getting so old but definitely a puppy at heart.  The only things that slow him down nowadays are his rotating knee caps that the vet said we can’t really do much for, but good news he’s NOT in pain and won’t need medication.  He’s quite the amazing little bugger, he’s traveled to Boston a few times, to PA, to Poland (YES, even Poland), and a few more countries due to layovers hehe.  He’s quite the adventurous dog.  Well since it was his birthday my mom and I decided to take both of the dogs to the park, and we were disappointed because there was a carnival so we just took them for a very long walk in our neighborhood.  Also the one tree coming out of the ground that you see in the below pictures, that’s still left over aftermath from Hurricane Sandy.

As for my outfit it’s very simple because I didn’t want to be limited in what I could do with the dogs.  The top is unkown, shorts are Ralph Lauren, flats are Ralph Lauren, and sunglasses are Armani.  Also please don’t mind all of my bug bites, I live in the woods and literally get eaten alive every time I step foot outside.  I hope everyone had a great Sunday Funday!


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