No makeup challenge and some other stuff

first and foremost I wanted to share about my No Makeup Challenge Day. 
One of my coworkers challenged me to wear NO makeup and I mean NONE to
work.  Lately I’ve been cutting back on my makeup regardless because of
the massive heat wave that is going on.  Oh and by the way NO I am not
complaining, I prefer these humid “sweat in your sleep” days over cold
winter days any day!  I look the same as I normally do just a little
more tired because you can actually see the puffy raccoon eyes that
unfortunately are in my genetics.  That was one gene that I wish I had
never inherited because I can be fully awake and ready to go but LOOK
either tired or like I have a black eye haha.
I will reveal the picture I took (there’s also a video about it on my
instagram Monisia87) that shows me without any makeup and also my hair
is not done, I’ve only put it back in bobby pins.  Oh yes, I went
COMPLETELY natural today.  
Well there ya have it, me without makeup.  Hashtag Selfie!
Actually speaking of hashtags, I hashtagged my picture on instagram (monisia87) as #nomakeup and you’ll never guess what I discovered hehe.  Actually this picture makes me laugh and it’s from one of my favorite shows…
challenge each of you to for a day wear NO makeup in public.  Trust me
it’s not that bad, people will just look at you like “why do you look
different?”  I also challenge you for a day to try to find the beauty in
everything.  Find something that you don’t find beautiful whether it be
an animal or a painting or whatever you chose, and look at it with a
different mindset.  Try to find something beautiful about it, even if
it’s something minute.  The reason for this is I know some friends of
mine don’t feel beautiful without makeup that’s why they don’t do it but
there are people who find beauty in everything, so try it out for
Also, onto my outfit of the day.

Hat//Ralph Lauren
Dress//Ralph Lauren

Also, one last thing on my post today…
is something that is routine to you every morning that you do not feel
complete without, whether it’s coffee, breakfast, running, going to the
gym, doing your hair, taking a shower, walking your dog, hitting snooze a
certain amount of times, or anything else.

is always having coffee, sometimes if I have enough time I will stop at
McDonald’s and get an extra one if I am feeling super groggy.  Oh and
let’s not forget walking my precious little fur child, Lilly (yes that’s
two L’s not just one).  The other dog sleeps in so he doesn’t go
outside until my mom takes him.
Let’s just show a cute little picture of him anyway…
instagram Monisia87

xoxo Moniczka