Vacation Vol. II


So the second day of my vacation didn’t have as many pictures because
I went shopping almost ALL DAY!! It was seriously the best therapy
ever!  Retail therapy is always the best, I don’t care what any doctor
says.  So pretty much what my day was filled of was waking up and
sleeping in a little bit.  Then I decided to clean my brother’s kitchen
because well he fed me the day before so some of those dirty dishes were
mine. Anyway after breakfast we went shopping.  We went to so many
thrift shops it was insane.  They were amazing and the prices for some
of the things I bought were for so cheap.  We also stopped at a TJ Maxx
to get away from the heat for a little bit. 

So here is the first part of the day…

Well those shorts I snagged at Marshall’s they are French Connection and they were on sale!  Top is Ralph Lauren, bag is Vince Camuto and in the below picture of the bracelets they are from TJ Maxx sterling silver.

 So let me tell you about this sign real quick haha.  My brother and I were walking and all of the sudden he stopped talking.  I look over and he’s looking at this sign as if it was some strange dream.  Then I looked at it and saw, oh hey it’s missing the corners!

second part of my day was so fun.  I told my brother to research and
find a place in Boston that had $1 oysters.  He actually asked his boss
for a good place since he is a true Bostonian.  He recommended this
restaurant called Marliave.  The picture I took of the original
restaurant was dated 1936!  Also it still has the original tile floor. 
Actually my brother said when we were seated “I bet you this is the
original restaurant with no modifications.”  Well when I went to the
bathroom I passed by the picture and thought to myself wow!

the oysters were delicious.  It was my brother’s first oyster dinner
and he LOVED it.  We had oysters from Maine, Connecticut, and

Well after all of that we went home
and passed out, literally.  It was such a long day of walking and fun
filled activities that we were tired.

Anyway stay tuned for the rest of my vacation photos!

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