Vacation Vol. III


My last day in Boston.  So sad, I didn’t want to leave.  I think if I
had Lilly with me I would’ve stayed in Boston.  Only thing I wouldn’t
like is the cold they have up there sometimes.  I’m not big into cold

Well, here is what was done on the third day.

much my day was spent traveling.  My brother and I woke up early (well I
woke up almost 2 hours before he did, figures haha) and we headed
towards the city.  The first thing we did was paid our respects to the
victims of the Boston bombings.

In the pictures I have
if you look at the fence it has a bunch of fabric attached to it. 
People write their thoughts on those pieces of fabric and tie it to the
fence.  Well remember from Day number one when I chopped up my shirt, I
used the part of the leftover fabric and wrote something in memory of
that horrific time in Boston.  Oh and that Boston Strong shirt I
actually bought the day before but I thought it fit more with the whole
meaning of this first part of this post.

After that
we went back to the park that you saw in the first post as well.  We sat
there for a little bit and just relaxed.  After a little while we
started heading to the train station, South Station, Boston.  We ate
lunch and just chatted for a little bit.

Oh and the outfit from that last day was all Ralph Lauren.  Plus Rayban sunglasses.

Once it hit 3:00 pm I was home bound.  I had so much fun in Boston and I cannot wait to go back!

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xoxo Moniczka

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