Where did summer go?


I stepped out of bed (I had left my windows open the night before
because it was actually nice) and immediately put on pants and a
sweatshirt.  Um, where in the world did the heat go?  Heat wave please
come back!  I miss you already.

really don’t want to start wearing pants everyday to work.  However
thanks to my outfit today, I did sit at my desk with my scarf being used
as a blanket.  I don’t do well in the cold, I love the summer heat. 
also wanted to share that I made it to the “new” page on Lookbook. 
When I saw this I literally started jumping for joy.  How cool is
that??  I know it took me a few months but I mean those pictures are
beautiful and the outfits are way better than mine, I actually don’t
know how I made it to be honest. 

here is my outfit of the day, very work appropriate.  The jacket is
from Marshall’s from a few years ago.  Tank top is Ralph Lauren found at
www.stores.ebay.com/EWA-BAZAAR along with the skirt.  The shoes are BOC.  They are so comfortable. 
Also, just to let everyone know tomorrow
I am planning on having a very special post that is near and dear to
me.  I have revised this post a million times and I still don’t know if
it is good enough.  It will be part of my Mini Hill Series but with a
more serious feel.  It’s a little long (as of now) so don’t read it
unless you have time because if you miss parts of it you won’t
understand how I feel 100%.  Anyway, it would mean a lot for it to be
read because it’s such an important part of life.
And I’ll leave you with an adorable picture of my fur children.  Enjoy!
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xoxo Moniczka