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Good Morning and Happy Sunday Funday to all of my cyber space friends out there!

This morning I woke up and thought hey, why don’t I do a before and after post.  You know show what I look like before and after.  No, this isn’t what you’re thinking.  I did not get any plastic surgery, I’m all natural.  I mean what I look like when I wake up and what I look like after I do my hair, makeup, and put some clothes on rather than PJ’s.  If you have been following my blog or looking at past posts you would have already seen me with no makeup on, BUT I will show another picture.  By the way, there is a reason behind this post, so read more after these pictures!

Ok, so let me just add that these are not the best pictures of me without makeup.  For some reason the lighting worked to my advantage today.  Even my mom said “You know maybe you should try taking pictures again tomorrow because you really don’t look your worst today.” Haha, I love mommy’s honesty.  She supports me and my blogging so she is trying to help me out with her opinions as much as she can.  
The reason why I want to show you these before and after pictures (which the after pictures for the outfit will be from last weeks mini photo shoot) is because there would be different opinions about if I showed my makeup’less and fashion’less outfit in public.  Some people would say oh I love when girls show their natural selves, others would say Ew, she looks so ugly and needs a makeover.  Whenever I show my makeup’less face in public, whether it be around my friends or coworkers they always ask me if I’m ok haha.  They say I look sick, probably because I inherited raccoon eyes from Daddy and Grandma.  
Now I’m pretty sure most of us have seen a girl walking and thought wow she would look amazing if she did her hair this way or makeup that way or if I took her for a shopping spree.  I will sadly admit that I have actually thought this before.  However, the difference with me is I will never call a girl ugly (besides myself because I am my own worst critic).  My mom always taught me (this is something they used to believe back in Poland, at least with her family) “there is no such thing as an ugly girl, every girl is beautiful.”  Of course that was all in Polish.  I do believe my mom thought. 
Picture all of the women in your life right now.  They are all beautiful, they may not be beautiful in the same way, but in their own way.  They may be blonde, brunette, red head, hey even pink or blue hair, but they are beautiful.  They may be petite, tall, slim, or curvy, but they ARE beautiful.  Now here is my after pictures!

Now I want you to look at yourself, WITHOUT makeup, in your sweats or PJ’s.  Some women don’t like this look, other’s are actually comfortable with this and those women I envy.  If you’re like me and you’re yourselves toughest critic I challenge you to find 5 things that would make you beautiful right now.  It can be on the outside or even on the inside, but no cheating you have to find something on the outside that makes you beautiful.  Here are my 5 things:
1.  My eyes-they like to change colors and I have an amber star around my pupil.  I think this is pretty cool, by the way I find people with two different colored eyes fascinating, I wish my eyes were like that!
2.  My smile-I’ve been told I have my Grandpa’s smile.  He is no longer with us, but we had a bond like no other.  I know he is my guardian angel and to be told I have his smile fills me with happiness.
3.  My attitude-overcoming a lot in a short period of time makes you change either for the better or for the worst. In my case I changed for the better.  I picked up the pieces and put them back together.  I got a really good job and my attitude completely changed.  I try not to allow negativity in my life, and I think that’s important.  Life is beautiful and life is short, the less negativity in your life the better.
4.  My nails-even though they are growing out right now because when I painted them last time the nail polish turned my nails yellow’ish but I still like them.  I get them from the women on my moms side.  We have nails that even when they are short they look long so I can get a french mani when they are their shortest and they look long!
5.  My heart-Last but not least, my heart.  It has been broken so many times, but the love that I have in my life (from friends and family) overcomes the bad stuff.  If you would’ve asked me a year and a half ago I would not have said this.  I was cold hearted before because of all of the people who disappointed me and broke my heart, but I learned from that.  Being cold hearted is not worth it.  Love, and love with your whole heart.  Always put your whole heart into something!
What are the five things that you like about yourself when you are completely stripped of hair, makeup, and nice clothing?  Link up with me below and link me back in your post.  It’s my first time trying this, but I’ve seen a few bloggers do it so I’m going to jump on the bandwagon!
P.S.  Let me leave with my quote of the day!  This sits above my dads desk at home.  His mentor when he first started working gave him this print out and said read this everyday.
xoxo Moniczka

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