Dear Diary,


I’m pretty sure most of us had a diary or journal at one point in our lives.  Whether it be when we were five and we wrote about how we went for a walk with our dog or we were older where we wrote more about the emotional stuff, happiness, heartache, breakups, relationships, new friendships, and the list goes on.  Nowadays, it seems that blogs are our modern day diary/journal.  We write our thoughts in our posts except only difference is people see it.  People get to read what you are wearing, what is going on in your life or mind in general.  We get to know each other through the cyber world.

So in today’s cyber diary entry I’d like to share my new outfits for Fall.  Sometimes I wish I could be back in school just so I can have that back to school outfit, and the feelings that come with it; starting fresh.  Every year knowing you can start all over again even though most of the time you reverted back to old habits.  I know every year for me was a way to reinvent myself and see if I could conquer the world, and halfway through the first month I’d say yup it’s school, study hard so I can go to college, and don’t forget the little things that make it fun.

Anywhoooo here are my outfits for Fall (so far)

Sweater:  Burberry {here}
Boots:  Ugg {here}
Bag:  Louis Vuitton

Jacket:  Burberry Prorsum {here}
Boots:  Burberry
Those are my new looks for fall, so far.  I can’t wait.  I remember as a kid even when it was so hot outside I so badly wanted to wear my new fall clothes.  
Sometimes I think back to my younger years and think about how different things are.  Now, I’m a grown up, with grown up people things to do.  Back then I would have loved to be a grown up and now I would love to be 16 again (almost 10 years eekk).  
Anyways, what are your fall looks?  Are you still in school, or are you an old fart like me (lol jk)?  
xoxo Moniczka  

4 thoughts on “Dear Diary,”

    1. The second outfit is actually my favorite hehe. I love the jacket not only because it's Burberry Prorsum but also because it's linen. The first outfit is very casual for me, and I love the Ugg boots. There's nothing like a new pair of Ugg boots with the non-broken in fur yet 🙂

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