Happy Mini Hill of the week Vol. V

So in case you haven’t been following my blog, I do this
thing every Wednesday where I write about what or who is helping me get over
the mini hill of the week.  I am one of
those people who work a Monday-Friday 9-5 job so Wednesdays are the lovely
middle of the week.  Boy has it been a
hectic and already exhausting week. 
Monday I was just tired, I’m not feeling well and yesterday I stubbed my
toe and at the same time sliced it on the dog crate so I was late to work.  Although the stubbing of the toe I found
funny, I actually laughed at myself.  I
honestly have no idea why either. 
Well what is getting me through this week.  That’s actually a good question, it’s been so
hectic that I can’t even remember what I had for breakfast, but here goes I’ll
try to think of the past two days.
Coffee-definitely coffee, and lots of it.  I already wrote this a few weeks ago, but
this week it’s really saving my bum.
Looking forward to the weekend-ok I know I know who doesn’t
look forward to the weekend or days off. 
I mean you get to sleep in come on! 
It’s actually because there’s a sale going on at Macy’s and there’s this
Jade Elephant necklace that I hope I can get. 
Also, I might be going fishing soooo, I’m super excited.  Don’t worry I don’t actually eat the fish I
throw them back in the water and let them live. 
No, I’m not vegetarian either, I’m sorry I really like to eat my Polska

All of my readers/fans/and newly found friends-These past
few weeks I have been making more friends on Lookbook and on here.  I must say the comments I receive on outfits
just makes my day.  I can have such a
horrible day and to read comments from people who take the time to say anything
to me just puts a smile on my face.  I
also love meeting new people so even though I probably won’t meet most of you
in person, it’s nice to get to know you and talk to you on this lovely thing
called the internet.  I am lucky enough
to have a lot of support from my family for blogging but to actually have other
people be interested is just amazing. 
Simply amazing.
Check out what got me through last week here!
xoxo Moniczka