I feel like I have been doing
a lot of link ups these past two weeks! 
I like link ups because I feel like it is such a great opportunity for
everyone to meet new bloggers.  When I
first started blogging I thought oh I’ll just post my daily outfits and call it
a day.  Then I started to think to
myself, who wants to constantly be looking at me in different clothes, when
there are so many fashion blogging websites out there.  Then I thought maybe I can just talk about
myself and my life but who would want to know about my life?

That’s when I started to
follow more bloggers who were doing exactly this.  Some people want to know about everyday
regular people like you and me and how they go through life on a daily
basis.  I’ve read some truly inspiring
stories from bloggers that have overcome such struggles and I thought hmm,
maybe I can talk about my stories and put at least one smile on someone’s face
or maybe add one thought of “if she was ok, I will be ok.” 
With all of that being said I
think link ups are an amazing way for more of us to be able to discover other
bloggers who are passionate about blogging. 
I’ve already started following more blogs because of these link
ups.  It’s funny how one little click
turns into oh let me read a little more, only five more minutes, and that five
minutes turns into hours haha.

So for my instafriday link up
I will only share some instagram pictures because some are just of my outfits
and some pictures I’ve already posted but they are just that special to me or I
just think the picture came out awesome enough!
I think this quote is a very good reminder.  Just like the song says, “Don’t worry, be happy.”  Actually that is the first song I ever danced to.  My parents say it was in Colorado, I was crawling and all the sudden I started shaking my butt in my big ole’ diaper haha.

In case you haven’t noticed, I love minions.  They are so precious and adorable and this picture is just great.  I saw this and it instantly made me say “aww, how cute,” with a smile to follow.

Selfie!! Yes, I do these and my hair was just perfectly blowing in the wind in the car and my smile fell right where I wanted it, so it turned into a selfie on the gram.

I love you mommy!  And daddy, but mommy’s deserve a little more credit sometimes.  My mom’s a superhero.

I already posted this earlier in the week, but this was posted on my instagram.  The screen window kind of ruins the picture a little but I love the dream catcher wind chime.

My new clutch.  I don’t even know how to describe this lovely little creation.  It’s just great, all around.

The last instagram picture I will share (I have some more from this week but @Monisia87 follow me) is a great e-card.  I love it when a guy holds the door open for me and what not but I like to be able to say, I bought this on my own.  It’s nice to be able to say that I can take care of myself.  Don’t get me wrong having a guy there would be awesome, but it’s just that little bit of self accomplishment that makes me very proud of myself.
Thanks for reading my Friday Link up with Jeanett.  Click here to see her post!
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xoxo Moniczka