New beginnings.


I feel like every time the seasons change it’s a new beginning.  Your clothing changes, your hair might change, you might be in school and hey if you’re a senior congratulations!

I know that when fall time comes, I know it’s time to put away my flip flops and prepare for Uggs.  Just because I’m into fashion doesn’t mean that sometimes I don’t lounge in flip flops or Uggs.  So when fall time comes my wardrobe changes colors and the sweaters and leggings/tights come back.  So I thought what outfit would be perfect for a “fall is near” outfit.  Since I am no longer in school (I will go back for my PhD within the next two years) sometimes I am envious of all of the students because I miss learning, I miss having that extra discipline in my life.  Anyway, I went with a first day back at school outfit.  I remember when I was in sixth grade I wore something almost exactly the same thing, just a little more pre Britney Baby One More Time.  I’m not going to lie, I still every once in a while jam out to that song.
Well, here is my very grown up version of Baby One More Time.  Oh yes, I totally just put a link there of the video, I couldn’t help myself.  My mom watched it with me too.

Top:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Skirt:  Burberry {similar ones found here}
Boots:  Nine West {old}
Bag:  Gucci
This would be my go-to outfit for the first day of school/classes and a nice transition from summer to fall.  Oh and just because I’m feeling nostalgic and it’s Throwback Thursday, I decided to share a little picture with y’all.
Picture from here.  Remember when Britney was a rebellious school girl?


xoxo Moniczka

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