One talented Nail Enthusiast!


Well I would like to introduce a very talented nail enthusiast, her name is Caroline.  I found her on instagram and even though she has not started a blog (yet, I think she should because she’s amazing).  Her username on instagram is Cnails08.  Please please please if you are not following her yet follow her here!

I’ve already given her two challenges to do a Wizard of Oz theme AND Johnny Cash & June Carter.  Boy did she do amazing!  All of her work is hand made all by herself.

I asked her if she could take the time so I can cyberly interview her and here is what the Q&A’s are:

What is the average time it takes to do your nails?
       Depending on the nail art. Easier ones can take from 30min to 1h. If its a bit more advanced its usually about 2-3h, max 4h.
What paints/polishes do you feel work the best?
       I love trying new brands but Essie is probably my all time favorite. You really feel the difference in the quality.
What is your favorite tool? (you can list more than one if you can’t pick hehe)
       Hmm favorite tools. I would probably have to say my brushes that I’ve thinned and cut down and acrylic paint to get more of a detailed work.
When did you start making nail art?

        I started with nail art in the end of January 2013. It just started out with me being pretty bored one night hehe.
What is the easiest design that you’ve done?
       Easiest design would probably anything that’s not too detailed or watermarble hehe. Something more like animal print, floral, anything with rhinestones and my Marilyn mani for example 🙂

The Marilyn Nail Art is actually what got me following Caroline.  For those of you who don’t know I am OBSESSED with anything Marilyn Monroe.  My room is filled with paintings, posters, canvas drawings, cups, mugs, wine glasses, a watch, Marilyn Monroe Barbie Doll (collector’s edition), and so many more Marilyn things.

Also, I would like to add another thing to this lovely lady’s feature.  Her boyfriend is a Marine (hence the first photo I took off her instagram).  Please keep him in your prayers along with my friend and the rest of the men and women in uniform who are serving our country.  These people risk their lives to protect our freedom.  Now I have seen a lot of negative things about our military that they sign up for this so why should we feel so bad.  My answer to that is simple, they volunteer their lives for something that I know I couldn’t do.  They do this to protect the rest of us.  I am a big supporter of our troops being that my (now) ex fiance (he’s been on this blog in my first year of blogging) and now friend is in the army and I have many friends in the military and I know how hard it is for the friends and family/loved ones to have to say “See you in a year.” If not more than that.  So please keep her boyfriend in your prayers!

All of these pictures are @cnails08 on instagram they are not mine.

xoxo Moniczka

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