I have no thoughts for an interesting title, so I wrote down the first word that popped into my head; romantic.  I don’t have a very romantic life, I can just play the part sometimes.  I think that’s why I love fashion, you can pretend to play the part of someone different each day with a different outfit.  I know some people wouldn’t agree but it’s just my opinion.

I would like to share my romantic outfit, or at least my take on romantic.

Top:  Ralph Lauren found here.
Skirt:  Forever 21
Shoes:  Restricted found at Marshall’s
Necklace:  Francesca’s Collections
Bag:  Vintage (mom’s closet)

These were taken at a park that a friend of mine took me to a long time ago.  It calms me, and it’s very zen.  I’ve been going there for the past 5 years, and it’s not that far from my house so I’m surprised I never went to it.

What would your typical romantic outfit be?  Would it be light and airy or is it more of a darker hue?

Awesome store!

xoxo Moniczka