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Ok, so I know I’m a little late for the Saturday series of Some things I’m lovin with the lovely Katie.  I’m sorry Katie!  I’ve been so busy this weekend.  Yesterday I went shopping and today I was repainting my mom’s gnomies aka gnomes.  After I got my mom this bottle opener that says “hangin with my gnomies” we have been calling them gnomies.

So here goes for some things I’m lovin’!

1.  My first Gucci bag.  I just bought this bag yesterday.  It is the first super duper expensive purchase of mine that was really unnecessary but at the same time I know I will use this bag FOREVER.  It can be used as a regular bag or also it is big enough to stuff a laptop in.  So must likely once I get a new laptop I will take it with me everywhere!  I know I blogged my instagram picture of this yesterday but I just love it so much.

2.  My first pair of Escada shoes!  I bought these myself too and I love them.  I actually didn’t think they’d be comfortable because of the heel, but they are!  Look at the bottom, I just love them.

3.  Repainting the gnomies!  I’m not finished, I’m actually not even close, but this is what one of them looks like so far.  I’m going to write a post about this experience once they are done.  It was a lot of work that I am pretty proud of, thank goodness for a good eye and a steady hand.

4.  Sleep.  Lots and lots of sleep.  I finally caught up on a little this weekend.  It was magical haha.

That’s it for my link up with Katie.

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2 thoughts on “Some things I’m lovin’ link up with Katie”

  1. Ohhhh my gosh I'm dying laughing over here! Hangin' with my gnomies!!! I LOVE ITTTT. Seriously, so so so cute. 🙂 Reminds me of Clueless- "Rolling with the homies" too funny. LOVE your new purse, too. And your shorts in that picture look super cute. Pink lace? LOVE.

    Thanks for linking up with me, girly!!


    1. Haha! Thanks Katie. Yea, it's the cutest little bottle opener and we have a bunch of gnomies all over the house, mommy collects them so i had to repaint them just so she would smile. She actually told me that the repainting of the gnomes was better than the Chanel No. 5 that I got her for Mother's Day haha, and that's her FAVORITE perfume ever.

      Anytime love! I love linking up with your stuff, plus even though you're no longer on blogger I check out your blog all the time haha.

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