Splurging today!


Oh my goodness.  Today was SUCH a busy day.  First I had to get my retainer tightened.  Yes, I wear a retainer on the bottom half of my teeth at 25.  It was the best investment I’ve made in the past few months.  You can’t even tell because it’s all clear and I talk like I normally do.  Well for this first half of the day this is what I wore.

Fedora:  Ralph Lauren
Top:  H&M (from Poland)
Shorts:  Ralph Lauren Denim & Supply
Sneakers:  Converse
Once I got home I played with Lilly (my puggle) and Kuba (my maltese) a little bit and took them for a walk.  Then I decided to change because I was going shopping with my parents.  I kind of splurged today and bought my first Gucci bag and my first pair of Escada heels.  I have this theory (my mom does too) that the two parts of your outfit that you should spend a little more money on are your bag and shoes.  Don’t get me wrong I have some $5 pairs of shoes and some really inexpensive bags but think about it.  The wear and tear your bags and shoes go through, you need something that will last you a while and can take a beating.  However, this doesn’t mean you have to buy at full price.  Most of my good quality shoes are from Marshall’s or from department stores during sales when I have extra coupons.  My bags are a different story though, those I most of the time have to pay full price for.
Let me share with you my new bag and my outfit to go shopping, it’s already one I’ve worn before but it’s such an easy outfit to put together.  Oh and the Escada shoes I don’t have a picture of yet.  I will debut them with an outfit soon!

Necklaces:  Saks
Top:  Ralph Lauren
Shorts: Unkown-Marshalls
Bag:  Gucci
I’d say I splurged today but it was all well worth it.  I know I will have this bag forever and it is so perfect.  It’s big enough to be able to fit a laptop in there but also small enough to look like a regular bag.  I am in love with it oh and stay tuned to see what the Escada shoes look like!
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