Sunday Funday


The weekend is over yet again.  Oh it’s so sad BUT I got a lot accomplished today.  I finally finished the gnomies!  I didn’t get a good enough picture of the end result, which is actually good because I wanted to make a whole post dedicated to it so I can kind walk you through the whole process, just in case someone wants to repaint garden gnomes.  Trust me it’s not impossible, just time consuming.

Today, I ended up getting the rest of the paint for the gnomes because we were missing a few colors.  I was looking through all of my pictures and they looked so different before.  I want to share some pictures of the environment I was painting in, the outfit I wore to get more colors and a little teaser of one of the gnomies.  Also, we can’t forget my partner in crime who either sat next to me or under me all day.

My brother took this and he didn’t believe me that yellow pants would look awesome with green.

Top:  French Connection, Thrifted
Pants:  Unkown
Shoes:  Chinese Laundry
Bag:  Gucci
Necklace:  Jade

I also wanted to give you ladies and gents a little sneak peek of a DIY project I decided to take on.  I’ll probably save it for the weekend, but I’m super excited about it!
Can you guess what I’m making?
Oh, and let me share some pictures of a little mini photo shoot my friend and I did after work one day!
Jacket:  Sam Edelman
Jewelry:  Forever 21
Sunglasses:  Armani
T-shirt:  Band t-shirt from Asking Alexandria
Pants:  Lord and Taylor


xoxo Moniczka

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