Sunsets and Rooftops


My photographer aka my friend and I decided to go to the mall after work last week.  Voila, we found a new spot for pictures!  You don’t realize that there are so many places to take pictures until you start paying attention a little more.  Well thankfully I was out of my work clothes and dressed in some casual attire so we decided to take a few pictures here and there.  Now I’m going to ask to go to the mall a little more haha.

Anyway here is my outfit!

Sunglasses:  Ray-Ban
Necklaces:  Forever 21
Top:  H&M (from Poland many years ago)
Pants:  Ralph Lauren
Shoes:  Unkown-Marshalls
I hope you enjoy these pictures as much as I do.  I just love the ambiance of the whole sunset and sky and it just looks so awesome.  My friend really knows how to make me look good.  
You know, I just wanted to take the time to thank all of the people who follow or read my blog here or follow me on all of the other social media sites that I’m on.  It has transformed me into something completely different.  I am more confident thanks to all of you, and I feel more alive.  Before it was the same old boring routine of get up, sit in two hours of traffic, go to work, go home and sit in another 2 hours of traffic, get home take care of Lilly, then go to sleep.  Now, I have more excitement.  I dress nicer, I have more energy (surprisingly because I actually sleep less because of my blogging), and I just have an all around better attitude.  I’m not sure if it is because people leave such amazing feedback or whatever the case may be, but I just want to give all of you a big THANK YOU!!!
xoxo Moniczka

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