A delayed post of some things I’m lovin’


I haven’t linked up with Katie over at Katie Did What in a few weeks.  I’ve been so busy and this weekend was just as hectic.  I am finally able to sit down and enjoy my coffee!

1.  My parents-I am so blessed to have these two as my parents.  They are the parents that will literally do everything they can to give their kids a better life.  I wouldn’t trade them for anyone in the world.  Don’t get me wrong if you would’ve asked me that when I was 13 years old and grounded for not cleaning my room then I’d probably say otherwise.  They may have been strict old school Polish parents, BUT I now know why they were that way.  I love them both dearly.
2.  Song-Marry the Night by Lady Gaga.  I don’t know what it is about this song that I’m so obsessed with it how many years after it came out?  I’m so glad that Gaga is back.  Yes, I know it sounds weird coming from a girl who normally listens to country.  I will also add a quote from the beginning of the 13 minute long music video, “and I did what any girl would do.  I did it all over again.”

3.  Nature/Weird NJ/Photoshoots-See in this last picture the bridge going over the highway?  Well the first five pictures are on the way up, at the top, and some cool graffiti that I saw on the way up.  Welcome to Paulinskill Viaducts which is part of Weird NJ.  Read the full story here about the ghost that haunts it and just how awesome it is!  The last picture was from one of the locations that a lovely photo shoot happened.  I can’t wait to show those pictures!


Top:  Ralph Lauren {here}
Scarf:  Burberry
Pants:  Ralph Lauren
Boots:  BCBG {Marshalls}
Bag:  Louis Vuitton

Hat:  Lord & Taylor
Sweater:  Ralph Lauren
Top:  Ralph Lauren
Jeans:  Levis {Marshalls}
Boots:  Justin’s
Bag:  Gucci
4.  Sunday Funday-Mommy and I went into Pennsylvania today, which is funny because the Viaducts that I went to yesterday we had to pass by again today on the way to PA.  Well, on the way back we decided to stop at the Delaware River/Delaware Water Gap rest stop.  It was so beautiful.  My weekend was filled with nature and it was amazing.  
I hope everyone had a good weekend!  Don’t forget to go check out Katie’s blog over at Katie Did What.


xoxo Moniczka

4 thoughts on “A delayed post of some things I’m lovin’”

  1. I love your hat! Super cute. And looks like such a pretty place you went to! I love taking random pictures of nature. So calming. Yay for fun days with parents! Thanks for linking up 🙂


    1. It's right on the border of NJ and PA. It's the Delaware River. I wish I could have gotten a better picture of the actual Delaware Water Gap because that is a sight to see! Thank you for hosting the link, I haven't linked up in two weeks I've been so busy!

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