Elvis Run


Well, today was very eventful to say the least!  I woke up as early as I do for work today to go on something called a run/cruise.  No, not a cruise on the ocean, a bike cruise.  It was amazing!  Thankfully my nervous little self wasn’t too nervous after finding out that this run would be more like a parade and we would be going 25 miles per hour.  It was to support our firefighters here in New Jersey and every couple of miles there was a truck with a huge American flag hanging and the sirens going off.  It was SO cool.

With all that being said, let’s move on to pictures of the Elvis Run 2013!
The first picture I took which doesn’t show ALL the bikes of the run.

Keep in mind there’s more people…

There were more people on the opposite side of the street along with spotters (lots of them) because there had to have been at least 1000 people who came out.

Home of the free, BECAUSE of the brave!

Sportin’ my NY Giants Helmet teehee.

Ok, can we talk about how AWESOME this picture is????  I’d say my picture taking skills on the back of a bike are pretty alright.  This was the last “overpass” we went through before we got to the actual event where they had music, food, any t-shirts or pins or anything else you’d like to buy.

You can’t see it that well, but look all the way to the end of the road in this picture.  See all those dots?  Those are bikes and the best part is we were in the front of the line so you can only imagine how many people were behind us.

Look in distance.  See that NYC skyline?

Arriving at our destination.
I traded in my cute clothes and fancy shoes for my Levi’s, cowgirl boots, and a vest.  No outfit of the day post for today, sorry everyone.  I just had so much fun today and wanted to share with all of you!


xoxo Moniczka

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      And thanks for the compliment! I took them all on the back of the bike, I'd say I perfected my skills haha.

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