Well thank goodness it’s Friday!  What a hectic week it sure has been over here for me.  Every Friday I link up with Jeannett.  It’s something called instafriday.  Every Friday you catch up on what you’ve uploaded on Instagram.  For those of you who follow me know that I am OBSESSED (which is an understatement) with Instagram and “instagramming” everything!  So here goes!

My lovely Danish that was in the shape of a heart, and it really was yummy!

I am obsessed with accessories so this was one of my accessory overloads this week to work.

I’m sure I’ve posted this picture before.  I did this for Throwback Thursday because how cute were my outfits when I was little!  Thanks Mama!

I love Elvis, end of story.

One of my coworkers went on vacation to Disney and brought me back this magnet since she knows I fill my cubicle with almost anything and everything that makes me smile.  I figure if I’m going to spend most of my life in my four walled cube, might as well fill it with things that will make me happy.

A farm by my house.  You can cut your own flowers here.  I drove past this with my friend and thought this was absolutely beautiful.  Glad that I got such an awesome shot!

Haha, having a retail business can sometimes get weird.  I saw this one morning when I wasn’t paying attention and it kind of scared me.  Then I realized it was the mannequins.
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