**Minor edit.  So I just entered in for a contest on Instagram for Marshalls so the pictures I posted have already been posted once before, but that’s why in case anyone gets annoyed that they are up there twice!

Oh my gosh it’s Friday woot woot!  That means link up time with Jeannett.  So she does this Instafriday where you upload pictures of your Instagram throughout the week.  I am absolutely obsessed with the gram so I will upload my favorites from this week hehe.

I went shopping on Sunday hehe

Went to Home Depot with my mom for some paint.  It was a little chilly so I whipped out my good ole’ pair of Justin’s!

My mom’s favorite flowers are sunflowers so I took her to the sunflower farm I went to a few weeks ago.  Both posts are here and here.

My coworker was lucky enough to go to Italy for two weeks.  Must be nice!  She brought me back a shot glass hehe.  I collect them with my mommy.

Man Crush Monday!  I think Luke Bryan will forever be my man crush Monday.  He’s so dreamy!

This was for my transformation Tuesday.  A few years ago I chopped off all of my hair and it’s taken me this much time to grow it out.  I’m still working on it too.  I want long purrrty hair!

Oh sushi.  How I love you so!  We had visitors from our Shipping and Lab come into our corporate offices this week and we took them out to eat yummy sushi.

My elephant USB came in the mail this week.  Oh my gosh I was so excited!  I got it from Amazon and it does work, I already tested it!

I have the best coworkers ever.  They bring me coffee when they know I need it.

St.  Christopher, protector of the traveler.  My grandma sent this from Poland for me to put in my car.  I have a keychain of this too, but anything that will protect me in my car is awesome.  I got into an accident last year so anything that keeps me safe is good in my book!

Another cuff from when I went shopping this weekend.  I love it!  I have one in silver with a blue stone too.  I’m actually wearing it today.

Johnny Cash postage stamps at USPS.  Who doesn’t love a little Johnny Cash???

These are song lyrics from a song called The Redeemed by Memphis Mayfire.  I love this song and if you can’t read it the lyrics are:
I can’t say
The past will never get in the way.
Just remember all things come and go,
But they don’t mean a thing.
It’s not about what you have now,
It’s what you have in store.

I like to wear my cowgirl boots to the office on casual Friday’s.
life rearranged
So that’s all for my link up!
Also if you are having a bad day read this.  I was crying at my cubicle, but so heart warming.

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xoxo Moniczka